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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

SoupChad is on the Menu: Book Marketing

"SoupChad" is my novel about a boy who loves soup—and will not tolerate kids who like salad.  I love the fact that the book is fun and offbeat, but through all the absurdity has something to say, too.

In the last couple of months, I've been test-marketing the book in several venues and websites. I was at the Santa Clarita Local Authors Celebration, and then at a fundraiser at Barnes and Noble bookstore for a local elementary school.

The Santa Clarita event was great fun, with my nephew (portraying SoupChad on the book cover) and his friend helped me promote the book, soup spoons in hand and wearing brand-new SoupChad t-shirts. The book did fairly well, but there weren't too many kids in attendance.

The Barnes and Noble event was a special success. I had the opportunity to talk to numerous kids about the book, give out "SoupClub" cards (favorite soup of the day: chicken noodle), and sold a healthy number of copies. It was a great day!

Here I am at Barnes and Noble, introducing
my book to elementary school kids. 
Reviews are slowly beginning to appear. Here's one from the winner of a drawing I had over at Goodreads that hit the nail right on the head: The book relates to our times in that you're either with us or against us. Teaching children to be tolerant of others opinions or likes or dislikes is achieved by either being a salad or soup person. I entered the draw in hopes of winning the book for my granddaughters. I believe they will learn a life lesson when they read this book.
My nephew Josh (right) and his friend Nick helped
me at the Santa Clarita Local Authors Celebration

Building on previous success, I've decided to more directly promote the tolerance aspect of the book, at least to parents and teachers.

Every kid who visits the SoupChad booth
gets an "official" Soup Club card, complete
with a club name based on their favorite soup.
My new listing on offers a "Class Pack," including multiple copies of the book, a book poster, and Soup Club cards. I'm hoping that my humorous and non-political approach one of the growing issues in our society today can interest both traditional and home schools. Take a look at the listing and tell me what you think - or better yet, pass it on to anyone who might be interested!

By the way, I'm looking for press of all types and reach - just forward this blog or contact me at


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