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Saturday, March 16, 2013


I've been taking a break from updating my various social media channels  - here, YouTube, Twitter and even (to a considerably lesser extent) Facebook.   My "time out" wasn't really anything planned or intentional.  I didn't wake up or come to a realization that I needed a break from social media.  My informal vacation had to do with several l things.

First, I've simply been too busy.  Work has picked up considerably this year.   As I write this, I'm juggling several productions for several different clients, each with individual deadlines, levels of client involvement, and particular challenges of their own.  I also have several other projects on the horizon that will be equally as time consuming (recalling the old worn adage, "when it rains it pours").  I actually find that having to work on multiple projects at once to be a fun challenge - meeting all the deadlines, creating a quality project that the clients like, and finding inspiration simply from making the overwhelming manageable.

Having said that, my personal creative projects have been very much on my mind.  My novel, "My Life at the Bottom of the Food Chain," is finally nearing publication, fulfilling what I'm finally admitting to myself has been my single greatest ambition.  Everything I do - producing, directing, editing - circles back to my first love - writing.  I've always thought of myself to be a writer above all else - but I've never written a novel.  Like screenplay writing, I've simply never had the patience to commit myself to a project that would then require a several-year attempt to win acceptance from a publisher or producer, who might be willing to try to bring the project into the sunlight and in front of an audience.

While I would love to have a formal publisher, the world has changed for emerging writers.  I can now bring my work - my writing - directly to my audience.  I can make both ebooks and paperbacks available and accessible by major online retailers.  I no longer have an excuse.  If I write it, it can be delivered.  If I write it well, and work with a qualified editor, that audience will respond and grow.

Response so far by my early readers has been positive, I'm focusing a lot of my energy and time on working to bring it out to a wide audience.  I've shared some of those efforts on the Facebook page for the novel,  but have been more selective on what I share across other media.

My creative horizons- and how I pursue them - are evolving, and with them, my social media personality.  Between this blog, my YouTube channel, Facebook and Twitter, I hope to share that evolution.

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