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Who Is This Guy, Anyway?

Shooting "Bollywood Steps," my latest documentary

This blog is my look at social media, from the perspective of a "traditional media" creator. I've created documentary, promotional, educational and other programs. I've won numerous awards worldwide for my work, including three Emmy Awards. Now, I've now made a commitment to explore social technology, as well.

I see "social media" as a Third Platform, beyond motion pictures and television - and a creative form that is in an early, exciting stage of experimentation and discovery. That's why I'm here!

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What do I do?  I'm a producer, writer and editor  with particular experience in non-fiction production.    I'm a long-time member of the International Documentary Association (and former member of the executive board), and the Producers Guild of America.

From 2006-2010, I served as Director of Production for FreshiFilms LLC, providing guidance and production expertise in the development of commercial, promotional and instructional media for teens, including the DVD series,     "Freshi Reel: How to Make Movies," and a selection across the new media spectrum, including webinars, distance learning, podcasts and video-on-demand.

I've created a number of programs for and/or about youth. In addition to an Emmy Award for Children / Youth programming, I've earned several screenwriting awards in the genre, including two "Best Feature Screenplay" awards at the International Family Film Festival, and an endorsement from the Coaliton for Quality Children's Media.  I’ve taught numerous filmmaking and editing workshops for kids and teens, and continue to provide mentoring to young filmmakers.  I've taught at sites as varied as juvenile detention facilities, group homes, and kids at a school in New Delhi, India.

"Lords of the Mafia"

Vlogging in Santa Monica
My Social Media Philosophy

Social media isn't simply a means through which to drive business to traditional media. It also functions as a platform independent of television and motion pictures. It exists today in an early, formative stage - like the heady early days of movies and television. Many successful YouTubers have learned by watching others closely, emulating their favorite videos, and building upon their experience. As a video professional, I'm attracted to YouTube because of that very spirit - a spirit of innovation, interaction and creative freedom that is unique to this platform, and developing social media as a form all its own.

I blog and vlog to both explore the social media world, to share my experiences, and interpret my non-fiction skills in an entirely new sandbox!  Some are regular "talking head" vlogs, others might be various forms of collaboration and exploration.

I hope you enjoy both my vlog and my blog - and I look forward to hearing from you! Comment here and on YouTube!

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