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Saturday, October 2, 2021

Making 2022 EPIC!


At the moment, I'm working on three books, each in varying stages of completion—and at least one planned for release in the first half of 2022. After a break of a couple of years, I'm excited to be returning to the routine and taking up the challenge of getting my books (old and new) into the hands of readers.

In the interim, I've learned a bit about marketing books for my middle grade—young adult readership, and I'm currently devouring a few of the current titles on the subject. The tools available are constantly changing, and I'm determined to "up my game." I like my "back catalog," and I want to make sure they reach the audience I believe they deserve.

I'm in the process of working with a talented artist to redeisgn my existing covers to create something more in keeping with the fun, offbeat spirit of the books. As soon as the redesign of the three books in Alexander Adventures are complete, I'll be introducing the books and the artist.

My plan at the moment is to have all four of my existing books re-designed and in place by early next year, just in time for the release of my newest book (which I'll be teasing shortly). Along with the redesign, I'll be reworking all of the supporting elements (website, Amazon author page, etc.), to reflect this new approach and marketing initiatives.

In "My Epic Life," the final volume of Alexander Adventures, Alexander creates a less-embarassing euphenism for puberty: Emotional and Physical Internal Changes. No euphenisms in 2022—I'm aiming to make phase of my author journey truly EPIC!

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