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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Unexpected Advice [Blogging Every Day #26]

Once again, as I approach the end of my month-long "Blogging Every Day" challenge, I turn to my iPhoto library for last minute inspiration. It's been a long day, though, so forgive me if this post lacks any sense of profundity.  It does, however, offer some good, basic advice.

First, I bring you this photo from Santa Cruz, California, which reminds us all to appreciate the world around us.

Or, more likely, to look both ways.

Either way, I suppose, you might find something unexpected.

On that same monuments day in 2012, Santa Cruz offered more solid advice that, I think, can be applied to any Big Day you might face in the future. One hopes that the reminder on this package would be enough for the reader to find adequate inspiration to unwrap the soap within.

I can't help wondering, however, the identity of the individual being quoted.

That particular trip in On that same trip, I discovered helpful advice in Reno, Nevada, posted inside my hotel room.  More intriguing, however, is the unknown story behind the poster. I can imagine a guest waking up one morning with a nasty surprise.

Signage is everything.

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