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Saturday, January 4, 2014

My Writing Environment (Blogging Every Day #4)

[4] Suz Baldwin, my editor / proofreader, asked about my writing situation - what sort of environment do I require when writing?

I wrote a large part of the first draft of  "My Life at the Bottom of the Food Chain," at my local Starbucks, and on hour-long train commutes to downtown Los Angeles. Required tools of the trade are my iPad and wireless bluetooth keyboard. I usually have a coffee or bottle of water nearby. General ambience - normal conversation or the rumble of the train - generally don't bother me, so I don't typically feel the need for earbuds. However, if there's abnormally loud, distracting conversation or music, I'll put on earbuds and listen to something in keeping with the mood of whatever I'm writing. This "mood music" must be instrumental - I find vocals distracting.

I've adjusted my habits a bit with the second volume of "Food Chain," as my extended time writing the first volume at Starbucks generated a larger universe of acquaintances there, and so created a more (distracting) social environment.  Now, much of my writing occurs in my home office or at the kitchen table. I don't play music or watch television. On the other hand, I don't turn off my phone, close all other windows on my desktop, or otherwise enforce isolation upon myself.  Allowing myself the occasional controllable distraction is an opportunity for brainstorming.

I'm not a stare-at-the-screen-for-eight-hours guy.  I most often write mid-morning and late evening, but rarely in the afternoon.

How about you?

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