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Friday, January 10, 2014

One Third! (Blogging Every Day #10)

[10] I'm ten days into my "Blogging Every Day" experiment - a third of the way through the month. So far, I'm on track to record my highest monthly page views since 2011 (when I interviewed a popular YouTuber on my web series and the accompanying blog sent my views through the -relative- roof). Those numbers were tied to a single blog and vlog. In this case, it's both the creation of a series of blogs that focus largely on a single topic (writing), a daily schedule, and consistently sharing that content on Twitter, Facebook, and Google Plus. Several of the writing topics have been shared by others - especially on Twitter - and that's encouraging.

My schedule for the rest of the month will be increasingly crowded, but I'm committed to meeting the challenge. As my writing activities expand, this is naturally the ideal platform to both share those activities, and share my perspective on a craft I love.

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