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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Rising Bollards Ahead [Blogging Every Day #16]


I'll keep this relatively short, I think. I had too much going on today, and precious little time to blog! I already have a subject for tomorrow, though!

It's been a challenge to "blog every day." The rules are my own, of course, so I would suppose that there wouldn't be any penalty for skipping a day.

On the other hand, that would defeat the purpose of creating the challenge in the first place.

While I could plan ahead and create blog entries in advance, I think I would consider that cheating. One again - no penalty, but it would make this less of a challenge and more of a planning exercise.

If I were to continue this in some form beyond January, I would likely create a more predictable schedule. When I've written corporate blogs in the past, I made the task more manageable by creating "theme" days.  For example, Tuesday and Thursday might deal address topics related to writing, While Friday might be an update on my own writing projects.

For the moment, though, I'll continue to pursue my current challenge as essentially a "stream of consciousness"'s a good thing I have writing on the brain...


  1. I could write a blog on the finer points of Bollards, rising or fixed. :)

  2. Bollard is a catch-all term to describe short posts stuck into the highway. They are made from steel, cast iron, timber, plastic Nice post.

    1. I knew there was a reason I took that photo...I've now achieved my goal of learning something new everyday. Thanks!

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