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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Blogging Every Day (and Why)

[1] On YouTube, there are a number of traditions (or challenges) variously called VED (Vlog Every Day) April, December (choose your month), in the name of promoting vlogging and individual YouTube channels.  As I'm really not creating many YouTube videos at this point, I thought I'd give BED a chance (Blogging Every Day, though sleep is always an option!), and see what happens. For now, I'll call this BEDJ - Blogging Every Day January, and see what happens from there.

Some entries will be short - others quite lengthy. At no point, however, will I create a placeholder entry just to be able to declare that I accomplished my goal. My intention is to create something interesting and readable every day during the month.

I have several objectives:

First, I'd like to revitalize my blogging activity. I've been slowly moving back toward blogging again, recognizing it as a tool to pursue my writing related goals, and let people know what I'm up to in an interesting, ongoing basis.

It's also a good central location to share videos (on the rare occasion I create them!), photos, and other social media.

This blog began as a discussion about the relationship between social media and traditional media. With the publication of my book, I'm recognizing that social media has been the primary tool and motivating factor in understanding, creating for, and reaching an audience. I hope to share what I've learned - and what I'm continuing to learn - in the days and weeks ahead.

See you tomorrow!


  1. Great idea! I wish I'd known about this yesterday (on the first) and I could have joined you. Maybe I'll give BEDF a try (February is a short month...)

    1. There's alway room for more in BED! know what I mean!