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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

More Things to Do! [Blogging Every Day #29]

In yesterday's blog, I didn't mention a few additional activities that I'd like to pursue in the coming months.

First, I hope to create a fully realized book trailer / short film based on my book. I already have a very basic trailer available, but it's primarily text and basic imagery. I'd like to produce a live-action version, perhaps in coordination with the launching of book two. It's a major expense in time and money, so I've moved somewhat slowly so far, but as the reach of book expands, I'll make the jump.

For quite a while, I've also been considering the creation of an audiobook version of the book, read by the author. That's a time-consuming process, so I haven't yet taken that jump - but you can expect that shortly. I'm considering producing the audiobook initially as a series of free podcasts, and later making the compiled book available for purchase. As long as I don't hire a reader, expense isn't a factor.

I've also considered returning to my YouTube channel, which has been on the back-burner as I've pursued book-related activities. I was discussing the book for a while, but it started to feel repetitive. I'll consider other options, and my re-visit the channel as I create the book trailer. For a while, I had an informal web series, The Vlogger Interviews, in which I interviewed a wide range of YouTubers. I'm considering reviving the interview concept with a wider range of individuals - authors, entrepreneurs - and perhaps occasional YouTubers.

All this is great, as long as reserve at least some time to write....

You can follow my activities @rickflix

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