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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Skewed Perspectives (Blogging Every Day #7)

[7] A while back, I visited the Glendale Galleria during a major facelift. Stores were still operating, but floors, walls, railings and ceilings were all being replaced or renewed to better compete with the more attractive mall just across the street.

Throughout this mall, large signs commanded mall visitors to look forward to the wonders that lay ahead: "Look Forward to New Glass Hand Rails," "Look Forward to Beautiful New Flooring" and "Look Forward to a Fresh Vibe."

While we may always look forward to a fresh vibe, I'm not sure how often anyone "looks forward" to new flooring or glass hand rails (Except, perhaps, store owners who might have been losing business to the shiny competitor across the street). I'm not certain if the mall owners were trying to build excitement, or simply provide comedy relief during the disruption, but I appreciated the signs as a reminder that perspective is everything. The mall owners might call this a "Fresh New Vibe," but perhaps their competitors would see the changes as a futile attempt to regain past glory.

A constant challenge in my writing process is keeping in mind the emotional/social perspectives of not only my central character, but of the others with whom he might interact. It's not enough to create a protagonist with strong opinions. Why those opinions are strong is just as important.

What sort of a person would look forward to New Glass Hand Rails?

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  1. What sort of person would look forward to New Glass Hand Rails? Perhaps the sort of person who wonders if glass hand rails shatter easily?

    The New Vibe, however, sounds very exciting.