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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Resource Rabbit Hole! (Blogging Every Day #8)

If you haven't discovered the treasure trove of public domain material available through the British Library, check it out - over a million images of all kinds from the 17th, 18th and  19th centuries, available for anyone to use or adapt. Here's an article about this resource, and here's a link to the Flickr photostream where it resides.   It's a great place to find direct resources - or just inspiration. Some images are obscure, while others will seem quite familiar. This collection currently features images from just 46,000 books, from a collection of over 14 million - with more to come.  

Just don't fall down the rabbit hole!

The first two images are from a book identified as "Sedbergh School Songs. Written and illustrated by R. St. J. Ainslie," published in 1896. A quick Google search found that Sedbergh School, founded in 1525, is still very much in business.

The rabbit image is from a book identified as "The Bashful Earthquake, and other fables and verses ... With many pictures by the author," published in 1899. It's been scanned and it available in it's entirety at the Internet Archive.

The image below is identified as "A Little Tour in Ireland. By an Oxonian, S. R. Hole ... With illustrations by J. Leech ... New edition," published in 1892. It's actually available at Amazon.

I can give you a million more examples, but you get the idea...

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