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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

I've Done What My 9 year-old Self Dreamed About [Blogging Every Day #21]

He's smiling underneath the table.

This weekend, I attended the Santa Clarita Public Library's "Local Author Celebration." I heard about it too late to participate as a featured author, but I decided to attend anyway and get to know some of my compatriots.

I've been to countless networking events related to non-fiction media, television and even motion pictures. This was the first writing-oriented event that I've attended since my book became available last year.

I didn't carry "My Life at the Bottom of the Food Chain" with me. I didn't even carry my giveaway bookmarks (though i probably should have). I did have my new business card, which includes my book on the reverse side. I didn't go there to make a sale. I went there to learn.

I'm not a big fan of networking events - but this felt different. I have a book that's readily available, I'm proud of it, and both kids and adults seem to enjoy the story. So, even though this is my first book, and it's self published - general reaction has been positive. I have a simple mission: to find an audience. At an event like this, everyone's accessible, and so many have been where I am now.

Rich at Nine
The first result of Saturday's experience is that my book will now be available in all three libraries in the Santa Clarita Public Library system.

It's a small step, but when I handed over the book to the manager of my local branch, I realized that I'd reached a goal I'd set for myself when I was just nine years old.

I may have taken a bit of a detour for a few decades, but now I feel like I'm home.

And that felt great.

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