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Saturday, July 24, 2010

YouTube Pondered

One of the challenges of both learning and anticipating the social media world is the very fact that it's constantly changing and reforming.  Another challenge is the fact that the applications of social media are as varied as the individuals that use them.

In the case of YouTube, I've now created sixty videos of varied format (and, yes, quality), to better understand the environment - and what I might want for it (for that matter, where I fit in the YT universe). In some ways, I'm still not certain of my ultimate "product."  While I'm very much convinced of my theory that YT and social media is a third creative platform, I'm not entirely certain of my long-term destiny in this world..

As I was pondering this blog entry, one of my vlogging mentors, Andymooseman "liked" a video from a couple of years ago from another YT friend, Kenrg that perhaps best explains this difficulty I'm experiencing...


  1. LMAO - I'd forgotten about that video of mine, and, frankly, the whole Dr. Woodcup series. Ah, the good old days :^)

    As to figuring out the end product... there is not end, and the product is always in transformation.

  2. The journey is more important than the destination. I keep trying to tell myself that, but how do I know for sure if I never get there?

  3. Strangely enough, i only re-watched that video of Kens because of something Curt said to me on Twitter.