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Friday, July 9, 2010


I'm about to go home and work tonight's vlog, but I wanted to take a few moments to summarize my final thoughts today.

I've had a great time, as you may have guessed from my first few entries here.  I've gotten to know quite a few veteran and new vloggers, and gained some reinforcement about what I'm doing - and where my place might be in this YouTube world.  I seem to be one of the rare exceptions in the professional non-fiction field to take social media seriously, based on the reactions I've been getting from a number of people - so I feel that I'm on the right track working to demystify  the YT community for that crowd.  I also feel that it can work both ways - I also think I have something to offer vloggers out there in terms of my experience in production.  There's a real interest with many vloggers in upping their game - and I think (perhaps) I can help in that regard.

As I said earlier, the kids I see remind me of the young filmmaker I was - kids are taking this seriously, listening closely at the various break-out sessions, and working hard on their vlogs.

I've had some great discussions with a number of people about the future of YT and social media, and I look forward to more such discussions.

I didn't quite shoot as much footage as I perhaps had anticipated - I'll try to work on that more tomorrow.

New subscribers continue to pop up courtesy of Renetto - it helps to have friends in YouTube places.  I've been lucky to have a few good ones, and I'm happy to add one more!  Thanks, Renetto (and all my new subscribers, when you get here!)

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