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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Forced Digitization?

I really think that the full digital transition of our society is rapidly becoming inevitable.

I've been  having increasing issues just trying to receive newspapers at my home.  I receive the Los Angeles Times seven days a week, and the New York Times on Sunday - yet the carrier who delivers both papers can't seem to dependably deliver them  - or mis-delivers the papers to another door - this despite the fact that I'm the only apartment in the vicinity that seems to receive a newspaper at all...

By contrast, I can receive the digital facsimile edition of both papers at a steep discount, , and be guaranteed delivery every morning.  With the Ipad (poor me may be forced to buy one!), I can read the papers as casually and easily as I can the paper edition.    I'm seriously starting to wonder why I'm bothering the hassle of fighting with customer service and paying a premium for it!

I wonder if the newspaper will one day go the way of the telegraph - and perhaps used in paper form only as keepsakes for special occasions....


  1. Printed daily newspapers are wasteful and irrelevant. With the advent of the iPad and other full-sized, wifi enabled, digital reading pads yet to be, the future is now.

    Hard as it will be for me to give up the feel and beauty of the printed book, I'm sure that day will come for me, and probably even within the next five years.

  2. I've been meaning to blog about this topic myself. The iPad & e-readers in general are real game changers, imho.

  3. I know that the iPad in particular finally provided what I had been waiting for - a device large enough and portable enough that it could be used for causual reading.