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Sunday, July 11, 2010


It's just before the evening concert here at Vidcon, so I thought I would take the opportunity to update my activities today.

This has been another day of bonding with the YT community, talking more with Renetto, while gaining some insight into the evolution of the YT experience over the last few years.  I attended a couple of sessions - one having to do with copyright protection, and another about the convergence (or lack thereof) of social media and Hollywood.

The copyright wandered endlessly without a moderator (or at least without an effective moderator).   The main questions revolved around YT's copyright protection scheme, which allows for copyright holders (or those that purport to be copyright holders) to protect an individual's video, and demand it's removal (or at least suspension) pending investigation.  For those in the profit-sharing YouTube partner program, the removal of a video is an impact on their ability to earn profits; for the rest of us, it's a major annoyance without a easy avenue for appeal.

I went to a YouTube-moderated session about technical improvements, both recent and future, and the discussion about other possible improvements to the site.  I'll have more on some of what I learned in a future vlog.  This session proved to be the most useful, with nuts and bolts information I could apply immediately.

The session on convergence offered - for me, anyway - the coolest moment of the day, as Internet Raconteur  Mikaleh stood up to berate an audience member who asked panelists Charlie McDonnel and Dave Days if they every had to to deal with resentment from struggling actors - the ubiquitous waiters who work for years to make it big - who might resent their "instant" success.  Mickalah pointed out forcefully that their success came out of hard, dedicated work over a period of years, and that anyone who felt otherwise was  simply to be be ignored (to which Charlie and Dave agreed).

In addition Renetto, I made a number of new friends - a couple of which I wanted to mention here.  Will, know on YT as TheCreativeJournal is a relatively new vlogger, like myself, and was having a great time discovering the community - vlogging his experiences.  I've been shooting, but quickly decided that my best bet was to cut together my experiences in one vlog....

I interviewed Camillo, a fourteen year old filmmaker (he'll appear on the vlog) who has been creating on YouTube for the past year as Hoptheborderstudios, and told how he clearly remembers getting on YouTube for the first time in 2006.  His family doesn't own a television - he gets all of his entertainment online.

Now, on to Day Three!


  1. So, let me get this straight, waiters don't have access to YouTube? :^) Sounds like a fun session.

    I've been watching several of Paul's "live from Vidcon" vlogs, but it's hard to keep up. I look forward to your summary vlog when it comes.

  2. Yeah, the argument didn't make much sense, which is what absolutely infuriated Mikaleh - it was a beautiful moment!