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Monday, January 10, 2011

What's Been Happening in the World (According to Rich)?

When I began the year ten days ago, I decided I was going to try to update at least once a day.  It wasn't a new year's resolution, exactly - but I've been thinking that it's important to maintain regular creative output to really get into the spirit of things, social media speaking.  It's also not going to be very productive for me unless I create regular content.

What's been happening so far (not counting Twitter and Facebook!)

On January 1st, I posted an Audioboo podcast, "The Media Industry's Dusk and Dawn," which was a personal reflection on the shifting realities of the film/media industry - brought to mind after a lunch with some of my father's former colleagues - veterans of 20th Century Fox during the 1950's - 1980's.

I also posted a blog here, "Keeping My Creative Juices Flowing in 2011," on ramping up my social media presence. 

Finally, I discovered and began using a fun little social media site,, which simply allows the user to share interesting little trivia about themselves.  Here's my page.

January 2nd presented a gift in the form of snow in Los Angeles, and, naturally, I created a vlog.

On January 3rd, as the snow melted away, I reflected on the experience in an Audioboo.

On January 4th, I created another blog, "Looking Ahead:  A Few Initial Thoughts," which included some of my plans for the year, including my commitment to attend Vidcon again.

My January 5th Audioboo explored a coming vlog, in which my nephew and I will explore of Los Angeles's Hidden History.  In this case, we'll find remnants of dozens of airports that existed in L.A. during the early days of aviation.  The airports may be long gone, but if you look carefully, there's some surprising evidence still in place...

On January 6th, I finally revived my legacy blog (now called 'Childhood According to Rich') with "Model Magic," a story about a very special plastic model that took me to a far-off land.

On January 7th, I continued to post to 

January 8th saw two Audioboos:  "Economy and Attitudes: Real Signs that the Tide is Turning," and "Schooltime Memories," in which I interviewed my nephew in a companion piece to tomorrow's vlog (which I had already shot but hadn't yet posted).

On January 9th, I posted the Vlog, "Schooltime Memories," in which I recalled the most memorable moments of the first few years of school.

Today, other than this blog, I also posted an Audioboo, "Some Stuff Safely Stored," on the previous weekend's journey through my family's storage locker...

So Far, So Good

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