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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Keeping My Creative Juices Flowing in 2011 (Social Media Edition)

I've decided on a new strategy to keep my social media output healthy  - I'm committed myself to creating output daily - but across various platforms - in other words, some days I might create an audio podcast, others a vlog, and still others a blog entry.  I might also mix in some other platforms as well.

Why should I care?  For me, social media is providing a number of benefits: keeping my creative juices flowing, fascinating interaction with a wide variety of individuals far beyond my typical "world," and simply enhancing my professional profile in ways that many of my colleagues are simply ignoring (at some point, I'll explore the varied traditional media industry reactions to my involvement in social media).  There are a great deal of other reasons, of course, but it probably all boils down to the challenge.

So, without further ado, here's today's audioboo, about a lunch I shared with a couple of my father's old colleagues from 20th Century Fox:

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  1. I realised recently that i was posting some form of social media approx once a day. Like you that's across several sites like YouTube, Blogger, AudioBoo & i haven't even counted Twitter. I've also re-started posting photos onto Flickr.
    I think this may well call for a blog post of my own, as i posted my 300th post onto my blog yesterday.
    Best of luck with your aims Rich.