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Monday, January 31, 2011

I'd Like to Thank the Academy - My 1-Year Vlogaversary on YouTube

Today is my one-year anniversary as a YouTube vlogger.  I was also just named a "Watch-Worthy YouTuber" by a YouTube partner down in Alabama by the name of BillyCTV.  I consider that a nice little anniversary present.  Another YouTuber by the name of TheCreaiveJournal just reviewed my documentary, "Bollywood Steps." in his vlog.  I'm curious what the next year will bring.

At this moment, I have created 98 videos and have 154 subscribers.  I've gone from creating videos every couple of days, to once a week or so.  In the last few weeks, I've picked up the pace again, and I think I'm finding my comfort level with the types of videos I generally create.

My most frequent video has been a straight vlogging style, though I have created a number of documentary style vids, and some attempts at comedy, as well - as time permits.

I've had great interaction with a number of my subscribers, and have learned a great deal not only about vlogging, but about YouTube culture as well.  I respect the can-do filmmaking spirit - though I suspect most YouTubers don't consider themselves filmmakers.

I've also found that many people in my business (i.e. the traditional media) still don't get or respect the activity and creativity that's emerging on YouTube - and, by association, look askance at my involvement in this world.

Last year, I attended Vidcon, the yearly conference of YouTube content creators; I plan to attend again this year.  I remain fascinated with the gulf in understanding between the traditional media world and the social media world, and I remain convinced that the self-motivated vloggers on YouTube are pioneers in the development of a third platform beyond television and motion pictures.  I still would like to provide an avenue to help advance understanding between old and new media.

My reasons for doing this are still evolving, though I strive to balance my curiosity as an entrepreneur and a pure means of creative expression.

I'll continue this soon with thoughts on the future.


  1. Congratulations on your anniversary. Sorry I haven't been around YT much (at all?) in January, but "real life" has been taking up all my time.

    I'm glad you continue to be fascinated and intrigued by the vlogging world, and I promise I'll be back...

  2. Well done on completing your first year Rich. Congrats & here's to many more years to come.