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Thursday, December 14, 2017

Why I Wrote SoupChad

Like most people, I've found it somewhat difficult to process the increasingly polarized society we live in. Political discourse doesn't exist anymore. Political demonization is the norm. You're with me—or you're against me. We live in a state of anxiety.

SoupChad is my response. It's the tale of a middle school boy who loves soup and won't tolerate any kid who likes salad. When his family moves and he starts at a new middle school, he forms Soup Club to share his passion. Kids steer clear, until he decides to grant each one of them a new name based on their favorite soup. Spinach, Noodle and Chowder join first, followed by Matzo Ball and Potato.

But power goes to SoupChad's head, and his club transforms from a gathering of soup fans to an army allied against Salad Eaters. SoupChad doesn't just hate salad, he wants to eliminate it from the school. He'll do anything to make that happen.

SoupChad is a story of intolerance and power. While it's a fun, absurd picture of middle school obsession, it's also an allegory that pokes fun at the tendency to see every opposing point of view as an epic battle between Good and Evil, where there is no middle ground and there are only winners and losers.

In a modest way, I hope SoupChad encourages kids to treat others who simply don't agree with them with a bit more fairness.

Curious? SoupChad is available NOW at Amazon, in both paperback and Kindle formats. I would welcome your early review of my book—it's a huge help to an indie author!

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