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Monday, December 18, 2017

The Gig Economy: You Never Know What's Next!

One of the most enjoyable aspects of working in the gig economy (in my case, working with UpWork and Fiverr), is the wide diversity of challenges I've tackled. I never know what's coming up next. 

As an editor, my online work has extended from YouTubers to training videos to a memorial park in Australia, with clients and needs that were everything from simple "do your magic" assignments to true partnerships.

As a writer, I've been paid to write (or ghost-write) short stories for various clients, as well as opening chapters for prospective novels. I'm especially excited about the possibilities in this area. To be honest, I hadn't considered writing short stories for pay as even a remote possibility.  I'm hoping to grow my clientele in this sector. It is, after all, the core of who I am. I've also written specialized short stories intended for specific apps (for example, "chat-based" stories).

The stories I've written so far extend from historical to biographical, horror and coming of age. In fact, one of my gigs on Fiverr offers to write a short "coming of age" story, while another offers a "Stranger Things" type story. Another throws the net even further, offering to write a general short story. I ask prospective clients to contact me first, so that I can screen those stories that wouldn't be practical (foreign or historical settings that would require research, for example). I've also been asked to write personal letters for those who don't have the skills to put their thoughts and intentions into a cohesive package.

To be clear, this isn't a game-changer yet. I haven't reached that volume of work or level of income (though I can see that others have). I'm still working on the right recipe to generate this work on a more consistent basis. How will I make that happen? 

I'll share my current strategy next time.

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