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Friday, April 13, 2012

Planet of the Vlogs: A New Podcast

I've been interested in podasting for quite a while, and now - this is my first attempt at a podcast series.  "Planet of the Vlogs" focuses on my perception of the world of vlogging, from the perspective of my background as a traditional media producer - really, it's an extension of what I've been doing on my blog and my vlog.   I anticipate that many of these podcasts will also include audio versions of the Vlogger Interviews I conduct on YouTube.  This episode includes an interview with Ryan Abe,  a YouTuber (ForSkitsAndGiggles) with over 242, 000 subscribers.  He reveals that many successful YouTubers are beginning to see the site as a destination, as opposed to a jumping off point for a career in traditional media.

Listen using the player below, or click on the links.

Check out the official podcast page at

I look forward to your feedback!

By the way, you can subscribe to this podcast through iTunes at itpc://


  1. Good luck with the podcast. I enjoyed the first half, with your commentary very much. It was also good to hear the interview again, but maybe it was too much? (And it wouldn't load past 19 minutes).

    1. Thanks for the feedback - hmmm...I wonder why it won't load - I'll have to look into that... I've actually been wondering whether or not I should include some of these interviews - or just leave this to commentary. What do you think?