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Thursday, April 26, 2012

I'm Interviewed on "The Quad Spot"

Recently, I had the opportunity to be interviewed on The Quad Spot, a YouTube webseries that also features interviews with YouTubers - but with an approach all it's own. These interviews feature one subject and four interviewers interacting on Google Hangout over at Google Plus. I really hadn't had the chance to use Google Hangouts much until this interview - it's probably the single greatest advantage of Google Plus. I've been using it more or less on a regular basis since the interview - and I recommend you give it a try.  Join me on Google Plus!

I had a great time - it's a whole different ballgame being on the other side of an interview - you can be sure that I'll be featuring each of the Quad Spotters in future Vlogger Interviews! 

Enjoy the interview - and let me know what you think! Click on the video and check out The Quad Spot Channel as well! 


  1. Nice interview... How did it feel to have the tables turned? (And why did it take you till the last two minutes to mention me?)

    1. I mentioned you in the last two minutes so that the viewer would remember your name, visit your channel, explore your social media imprint, and have the path of their life forever changed by the insight furnished therein. The cult of KenRG must be maintained and promoted at every opportunity, but must not be thrown out willy-nilly without forethought and careful consideration. Or something like that! on