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Monday, March 5, 2012

The Vlogger Interviews: Martin [Princeword]

 Martin is a  dedicated vlogger from Karlskrona, Sweden. He's actually been vlogging since before YouTube existed.  His interest is also academic - he's written a these on vlogging and social media, and is now preparing a documentary exploring the subject - he's seeking your participation.  Martin also discusses the Nordic vlogging community.

Some supplementary information about Martin not covered in the interview:
Though Martin has had an interest in the power of media for quite some time, he was, briefly, the center of a media firestorm during the Virginia Tech shooting in 2007.  He had arrived on the campus a day before on a educational collaboration, and was on campus, with his video camera, during the shooting.  He provided the video, free of charge, to the media (he says he never wanted to be accused of profiting off of the tragedy), and was interviewed by media in the U.S. and in Sweden.

He had what he describes as a surreal experience being interviewed by various reporters from CNN and other outlets:  One reporter, in interviewing Martin, referred to Olaf Palme, the Swedish Prime Minister assassinated over twenty years earlier, perhaps looking for a parallel between the two entirely unrelated events.  Martin, however, wasn't entirely critical - he singled out CNN's Anderson Cooper as a particularly compassionate reporter.  Martin intends to explore his personal experience at Virginia Tech in an upcoming documentary.

Martin's Primary Channel is PrinceWord
His Secondary Channel is TheSwedishLad

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