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Monday, March 26, 2012

The Vlogger Interviews: FlashVlog

About this Vlog:

Gordon, a resident of Seattle, Washingto, has a vlogging story that really represents what we might call "The Hidden World of Vloggers."  If you're not already plugged in in some way to the vlogging community, you may not realize just how diverse and wide-spread it really is.  Gordon's day job is as a landscaper/Gardner - yet no one he encounters in his daily life has ever been aware of his online life.  It's not that he's keeping it a secret - but the fact is that vlogging still hasn't reached the mass audience.

In this interview, we talk about the future of vlogging, and the possibility that, with more accessible tools like AppleTV and other devices, casual viewing of YouTube content might finally open the vlogging world to the world at large.  Also, we touch on the challenge of balancing vlogging - with family.

Who are the unexpected vloggers in your life?

Check out Gordon's YouTube channel, FlashVlog.

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