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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Vlogger Interviews: Austin Null [TheNiveNulls]

About this interview:
Austin didn't expect to do anything but record his life with Brittany, and share their adventures with friends.  Their channel records their life, but also includes comedy, skits and other creative content - it's a way for the outgoing and upbeat couple to have a good time together - and share it with friends.   The audience for TheNiveNulls grew over time, and now includes thousands who enjoy sharing their lives, and anticipate the birth of Austin and Brittany's child, due in June.

One of the emerging themes across a number of the Vlogger Interviews is the understanding by vloggers that they are creating an intimate archive of their lives - in effect, it just may be a very contemporary equivalent of the old-school photo album.  Imagine looking through old photo albums and hearing the voices and thoughts and witnessing the experiences of relatives from generations past.  Imagine Austin and Brittany's child looking back at the lives of her parents in the months before she was born - and seeing in very real terms, who they were long ago in 2012...

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