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Monday, June 13, 2011

My Social Media Run-Down!

The last few days have included a good dose of social media activity for me...have you seen it all?

I've had two reviews at - the theatrical release of Super 8, and the Blu-Ray release of Kes.  You can find them on my author's page there at  My "Kes" review was named an Editors Pick today.

Super 8 reminded me of my youth as a super-8 filmmaker - I wrote about that experience on my Childhood According To Rich Blog.

I posted a new vlog, Producers vs. Content Creators? further considering whether traditional media producers and YouTube content creators have anything to share.

Finally, I explored my nephew's food-related blog, Greg's Gourmet, and Lynette Privatsky's new Twitter for people who like food but have food allergies, SpecialOrderPlz - check the previous blog entry, Food is Good, More is Better: Food I Follow for more info on both of these.

Also, please check out the new FOR (Friends of Rich) tab on my blog for links to blogs, YouTube Channels and the like of selected friends (and relatives)...

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