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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Food is Good, More is Better: Food I Follow

I’m not a foodie, by any stretch of the imagination, but I do follow two new food-centric destinations.
My nephew Greg’s hilarious blog, Greg’s Gourmet, features food, food and more food (but not seafood) that Greg encounters during his day-to-day life. Pictures, videos, and a detailed narrative of his experiences make this a great place to drool…well, enjoy, anyway! You an also follow Greg’s Gourmet on Twitter.
Greg launched Greg’s Gourmet just a few months ago, and has been slowly ramping up the site and developing the brand – it’s the sort of a high-concept / wide appeal idea that I think will do well as more people hear about it.  As Greg is a recent San Diego State Marketing grad, I expect this to develop in some fun new directions.

Greg and I will be taking a road trip throughout California in a few weeks – you can bet Greg’s Gourmet will be part of the adventure!

My friend Lynette loves food just as much as Greg, but she’s developed a whole line-up of food allergies and restrictions. Her Twitter account, SpecialOrderPlz (and soon a blog and webseries) shares her personal experiences in creating and finding great meals despite all the annoying limitations. It’s a great guide for anyone in the same situation.

Lynette just launched her effort, but offers a perspective that’s valuable to a targeted audience that is largely underserved in the larger foodie community. She fulfills a need, and I expect to see quite a following develop as she continues the effort.

Both ideas are simple, straight-forward and appealing to their respective audiences. I look forward to seeing how they develop, and learning along with them!

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