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Thursday, March 24, 2011

My First iPad Impressions

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With the purchase of new Ipad 2 (64 gb wifi-only, to be exact), I feel as if I've entered a new chapter in my social media explorations. I've only had the iPad for a few days, but I'm already beginning to see just what this half-laptop, half-iPhone is really all about.

The iPad, and many of the tablet competitors on the market, are particularly well-designed for the developing social media life-style. Yes, we can update Facebook and Twitter via smartphones, but those websites are better managed on the larger screen of a computer - or the more portable iPad/tablet computer.

Tablets allow for a more casuaul life-style. We're no longer chained to a desk, or even to the comparatively limited physical options of a laptop. The e-book revolution, of course, is connected to all matter of tablets, from the iPad to e-book dedicated devices. I wasn't sure how comfortable I would feel about e-books - but so far, I'm convinced.

There are limitations, of course. I certainly wouldn't attempt to edit a professional video on my iPad - but for most of my social media and word processing needs, the iPad is a pretty good option. More to come!

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