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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Content Creation: Some Next-Phase Brainstorming

I'm currently preparing for the upcoming International Family Film Festival, which will be showing my film, "Bollywood Steps" on Saturday, March 19th.  I've prepared a poster, will make flyers available, and will generally attempt to "work" the festival to achieve my primary goals, which relate to generating future projects.  I'm been pondering my next steps. Here are some current thoughts:

I also have the sense that, as the saying goes, "nothing will ever be the same."  My interest is in wholly incorporating and adapting "social media" tools and hardware to create a newer form of expression, combining "documentary" type filmmaking with the immediacy and intimacy of social media.   The challenge, I think, is that any creation might be transitory by nature.  Some elements - recorded and edited video, for example - might be preserved, other more interactive elements would lose some of the sense of discovery that only exists in real time.   In much the way that the news stories of the day - Libya and Japan for example - are more immediately a meaningful "social experience" than ever before, less critical stories, experiences and pure entertainment will eventually engage audiences in the same way -
I don't think that particular "art" is wholly developed as yet.

At this point, from my perspective, a typical web series exists as a single element - the final video.  Everything else drives the audience to create viewership.  I have to wonder if there could be another model incorporating multiple channels simultaneously.  Paradoxically, I don't believe that scheduled entertainment (as in traditional television) will return to dominance.   I continue to watch developments with fascination, and look forward to my own upcoming explorations in this new form of content creation.

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