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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Pondering my Noob Hat

As I continue my journey through my various social media outlets, my "holy grail" is to reach the ease of expression that my mentors (you know who you are) have reached over years of full-fledged immersion into the social media world.   Reaching that elusive plane of existence is tricky though - I'm still trying to measure my effectiveness at creating informative content.

Numbers aren't as critical as engaged users - That was one of the first lessons I learned about creating in the social media world.  The second was understanding that this is a process that evolves over time.  I understand that, as well - though I have to admit that it's a challenge to create at times when my viewership seems stagnant.

My objective from the beginning of this process was to adapt these tools into my creative / career efforts. Over the past year, as my knowledge and experience in social media has evolved, I've realized that it can take a critical role going forward - and I'm puzzled with my associates who carefully remain "off the grid" as far as social media is concerned.  Even at this early stage, I can't miss the potential.  It seems short sighted to ignore it.

While I've created media for a living, creating effective social media is a completely different challenge - and one with which I'm still fascinated.  Most of the sort of work I've traditionally done is out the door and gone - there's rarely the sort of ongoing interaction that social media expression encourages.  I admire social media entrepreneurs who are incorporating the entire package - writing, producing, editing, distributing and promoting whatever they create.  It's subversive to traditional media - which interests me to no end!

I've always felt that the learning "social media" will one day seem archaic as learning the telephone, but speaking for myself, I know I'm not there yet.  I'm still wearing my noob hat!

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  1. Yes, a few engaged viewers/readers/listeners is far better than a great many who just click and pass by for the serious content creator, and not those who are just looking for an adSense click.

    And a huge YES and HURRAH to the ongoing engagement that social media brings. If I stopped creating content today, I would still be responding to comments to old blogs, vlogs, photos, etc., a year from now. And THAT is why I continue to do it.