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Friday, November 19, 2010

My Dad's Good Name (Part 2)

I've strayed a bit from my traditional social media related topics here, but allow me one more note on my previous blog about the so-called film historian who questioned my dad's integrity (and intelligence) in an article about film preservation.

In response to the previous blog, a former colleague of my father wrote:

We submitted budgets to the head office and everytime they saw large numbers they refused" to spend the $ to preserve the prints.  It was the head office and their staff that made bad judgment calls. Sid and his staff knew the importance of preservation and did their best to influence the head office to no avail.

The writer of the offending article, who presents himself as a film historian specializing in the technical history of Hollywood, claimed that my father had would would have been a first in studio management - the freedom to act exclusively and alone.

Just a final note - my ability to connect with my father's colleagues and former staff is a direct result of social media.  A couple of years ago, I posted my father's retirement speech on YouTube, and over time, his former associates discovered the video, and through it, discovered me.  We've been in contact ever since.  It's been a priceless opportunity to learn about my late father and his management style.

...and to respond to an historian with poor habits.  "Just sayin'"

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