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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Video Woes, Audio Goes!

My Flip Ultra HD died last week.  My iPhone 4 was born this weekend.  It can also shoot HD video, but it's much more light sensitive, and so less flexible.  I'll certainly use it as part of my vlogged efforts, but it doesn't return consistant quality (correctly light-balanced) video in anything but the most optimum conditions.  I'll need to purchase another HD cam of the Flip variety (though I'm not certain which as yet - I've been considering a number of recommendations).  As I'm attending the Social Media Meet Up in Santa Cruz this weekend, I'm hoping to see a few possible replacement cameras and make a decision.

Tonight, I tried to record one of my regular vlogs in my office, but my Iphone couldn't return a decently balanced picture.  It does it's best with sunlight, of course, and the low-energy lights that dominate our lives these days aren't a pure enough white to create good results.  I'll record my vlog tomorow morning when I have a nice morning sun.

One of the reasons I purchased the Flip was to have a camera that effortless - that I could simply whip out and start using at the slightest inspiration.  The Flip, after a time, failed - with battery issues, freezing issues, and just plain being undependable.  It's recently prevented me from being able to create as consistently as I'd like - where inspiration takes me.    It's downright depressing to be limited as I build my social media footprint.   I need a replacement that I can count on!

On the other hand, I'm loving my channel - it's great fun, and purely effortless.  Either I speak into a mike plugged into my laptop, and then instantly upload - or do the same with my iPhone.  Either way, it's a pleasure to use.  Once my camera issues are solved, I hope to return to my vlogs with the same ease that I've found with audioboo.

Here's my latest "boo," an interview with Patte Dee McKee, once a contract actress to Howard Hughes:


I encourage you to head over to my channel on audioboo and check it out.  If you like it, why not sign up for the site, follow me...and try it yourself!

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  1. Sorry to hear about your "death". I thought they'd be more reliable than that. Better luck with your next purchase.