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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

It Takes a Story

I drove up to Santa Cruz for a “Social Media Meet-Up.”  It actually turned out to be a small event, but my conversations with KenRG and KevyNova were quite intriguing.

I’ve known Ken on and off since high school – I was a silent observer of his social media activity long before I dove in myself, and he’s one of the reasons I decided to take the plunge.  

I met KevyNova  at the meet-up  – Ken’s been chatting, tweeting and blogging about this talented musician for a while now.   In memory of his father, who passed away from cancer twelve years ago, KevyNova recently held a 24-hour marathon to raise money for cancer research – the entire event consisted solely of himself performing before his  Macbook iSight webcam.  Though both personal contacts, word of mouth, and social media, he raised over six thousand dollars.  It’s quite an impressive feat – and a great lesson in the power of networking.  He’s not a YouTube star- he doesn’t have a huge following. 

What he does have is a powerful story, the passion to make it happen, and the sincerity to make it real.  That almost sounds like the rules for a successful, meaningful life…


  1. A really good story will always be the ultimate power tool.

  2. Great little story you found there at the gathering. Too bad that it was so small and you had to drive so far to get there; however, I hope you got something out of it... and it does sound like to you did.

    We're hosting our first gathering this weekend and I'm not quite sure how it's going to go. So far we have double the number of people RSVP'd that I thought would even come and support from Google Korea office. I just hope it all turns out all right!

    Looking forward to the documentary you finished. What's it about? Do you have a write-up yet?

  3. Details of the documentary shall be revealed in an upcoming vlog...very soon!

    Good luck at your gathering! Ours, as far as I'm concerned, was very successful - good conversation, good ideas, re-energized - it's all good!