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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Vlogging For the Masses

In Andymooseman's comment on my last blog, "Why Do People Create on YouTube," he categorized himself as a hybrid of the first and third of the categories I mentioned - in short, someone who enjoys creating on YT for the sake of self-expression, but someone, at the same, who is open to exploring social media as an entrepreneurial opportunity.

It occurs to me that there may be a pathway to creating additional (monetary) value in the vlogs that Andy, Kenrg, OhCurt and many others create on a regular basis.  These vlogs are the modern equivalent of the opinion/commentary pages in your local newspaper (and now are as slashed to a bare minimum).  I'm not writing so much about the "Letters to the Editor" section, but the guest columnists that provided a community or individual voice on issues at hand.  These personal perspectives and anecdotes often provided the reader with a distinctly personal and  independent view apart from the "usual suspects" of reporters and paid columnists. 

Of course, guest columnists were never paid - but I still wonder if that concept can be adapted for the social media world.  Blogging, of course, has a robust presence on many news sites, but I would think that guest vlogs might even be a more attractive draw for the casual visitor.  

Guest vlogs on mainstream news and information sites, in turn, might help bring vlogs of this type to a larger (YouTube) subscription base - which in turn provides new opportunities for the vloggers themselves, reviving interest in this particular category, and widening the YouTube universe.


  1. Great idea Rich & i can see the possibilities as well. I'd certainly be interested in doing something like that, especially as i have a wide range of interests & opinions! That's one of the reasons i started my blog. To talk about things i might not discuss on YouTube.
    I know this "cult of the amateur" would upset some people. But, i do see a future in it. Especially in this day of the iPad. That local newspaper could have a link straight to your vlog.

  2. Interesting - I never really thought of it that way, but I suppose many of my vlogs are "Op-Ed" type pieces. But certainly not all of them, and I usually think I'm doing more of the Op-Ed thing when I'm blogging.