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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Do You Hear Me?

I'm intrigued with, the podcasting site (it's not a particular preference - just the one I came across).  With a blog and a vlog, why would I want to extend my activity into the audio realm?

I don't intend to duplicate my other efforts.  I believe that the audio format in some ways is more flexible and accessible than video, and lends itself to some pure, creative storytelling.  The casual podcast I include with this blog was a spur of the moment piece recording in a Denny's Restaurant;  if wouldn't have happened on video - my lunch friends wouldn't have been comfortable.  I can think of a number of potential interview subjects that might 

(Go over to the site and follow me there, if you're so inclined...)

I also love the idea of developing this as a storytelling platform.   I'm a big fan of the late Jean Shepherd, the legendary radio monologist (and writer/narrator of the classic film, "A Christmas Story").  I certainly won't stop telling stories on my vlog, but I'm intrigued with the challenge of creating an engaging audio program.  Remember, I'm a video guy.

I'm also curious about the opportunity to create a connected experience across all of these platforms - vlog, blog and audio podcast (audio blog? ablog?) - connected thematically, and each offering a different perspective on the subject or story at hand.  I'll be giving that some thought.

Of course, there is one major question that I'm curious about above all others - is an audio platform even attractive?  Will anybody listen?  

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  1. Good point about certain interview subjects who are more at ease with a microphone than a camera. Thinking back on part of my college experience, and remembering how much fun it was doing radio - not just the dj thing, but editing clips for newscasts, promos, etc. - maybe you'll talk me into testing out the podcasting again after all.