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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Welcome to Social Media Day!

As someone who thinks of himself as a social media advocate, I'm naturally interested in Social Media Day, a world-wide gathering of social media enthusiasts.  I'm curious about the nature of the events today.  Will these gatherings be dominated by people who love Social Media for its own sake - obsessive users with no real goal other than to create a presence?  Or will these events draw those who are using social media to achieve specific goals and aspirations.  I'm attending one of these events in Culver City tonight, and I'll also be following reports and other vlogs about Social Media Day in an attempt to gain a better understanding of just where society at large stands in its practical, useful use of social media.

You'll notice that I've added a Flickr application in the sidebar, which will not only feature some of my impressions of Social Media Day, but some of my video production activities as well.  I'll post a vlog as well, and provide some additional observations here.

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  1. I've not heard about Social Media Day Rich. Maybe it's just a USA thing?
    You may be interested in this blog post of my own, that i posted earlier today. It touches on some of my thoughts about all of this. I'm thinking of following your example & maybe blogging more about this as well. As opposed to just making the occasional video about Social Networking etc.

  2. The Social Media Day thing was promoted by as sort of a grassroots effort to encourage social media enthusiasts to get together - they claimed it was international, but after my experience I suspect it met with lukewarm success....