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Friday, June 25, 2010

Teen Social Media Entrepreneur Andrew Brackin

SOCIALTIPS.COM is just one of several sites created and led by teen "social media entreprenuer" Andrew Brackin.  The site itself is a good source of information, but I encourage you to look closer at this and the family of sites Brackin has created.  He not only knows his audience, but has taken a leadership role among his peers in building effective teams to achieve his goals.

He also created TUNEVIBEZ.COM, which is an internet radio station - with an entirely different team of like-minded teens presenting their own programs.  And yes, he's done his homework and is doing it with all the necessary permissions in place.

Finally take along at the heart of the operation, BRACKINMEDIA.COM, which is a superior corporate site to many I've seen.  Remember, this is a teen.   He's still in school.  He's already very much a pioneer in a new field.

He has a vision, and he's using social media to achieve it. 

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