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Thursday, February 20, 2014

#Blogging Everyday Works Best

Throughout the month of January, I challenged myself to write a blog a day, everyday. It wasn't easy, but I somehow made it through. My readership and reach through all my social media was way up, and I felt that the experiment was a great success. When I reached the end of the month, I breathed a sigh of relief. It's not easy keeping up the pace. I decided that I'd slow down a bit, and commit myself to a resumption of a regular blogging schedule - though certainly not every day.
I'm having way too much fun
lately - I need to share more!

It's a funny thing, though. While I've managed to post a couple of blogs in the last couple of weeks, I find that this occasional schedule somehow feels inadequate. There's been a great deal going on in my life lately, but without the post-every-day urgency, I haven't taken the time to share most of it. somehow, I feel guilty about it.

The "eternal" social media question, or course, is Why? Why take the time to post and promote content? After all, with work, my ongoing writing projects, and everyday responsibilities, I don't exactly have an abundance of free time.

The most shared blog entries that I offered in January related to my experience and opinions as a writer and author of my current book.  I don't tend to follow the "Top Ten" model, or posts that try to draw readers with overblown hype ("The Greatest Secret They'll Never Tell You").  I enjoy sharing my experiences, and learning from others. In fact, my book - my entire re-dedication as a writer - came about as a direct result of observing certain creative YouTubers who share their own creative process.

I'm going to resume an (almost) everyday schedule because it gives me the opportunity to share my own creative process - hopefully encouraging others in the process - and allows readers to get to know me as a writer.

And writers write everyday - blogging everyday doesn't allow me to procrastinate!

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