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Monday, April 15, 2013

First YouTube Review of "Food Chain"

One of my strategies in getting my book out to the world at large is to encourage as many "grass-roots" reviews as possible - on YouTube, in blogs, podcasts - anywhere that spreads the word.  This video by YouTuber Zac Ward is what I hope is the first of many (if you have any suggestions on how I might get the word out, or know any of the above, please share your ideas!)

Ideally, I'd like to see reviewers of all ages - kids, parents - anyone who appreciates what they read in the pages of "Food Chain."  With it's somewhat unique title, most mentions of my book title, especially combined with my name, show up within the first two or three Google search pages.  It seems that an unusually long title is working to my advantage!

I'm also checking regularly to see if any reviews pop up on the Amazon, iBooks, or any of the other sites.  Nothing yet...but it's only been a week...

Enjoy Zac's "Redneck Book Review," also featuring a bit of autobiographical info about the author!

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