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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Vlogger Interviews: Zennie Abraham [Zennie62]

About This Interview:

During the Vlogger Interviews, I've had the opportunity to meet vloggers with a wide range of sometimes overlapping motivations.  Some vloggers simply to express themselves; others for fame, and others for social interaction.  One of the most creative and growing areas in the vlogging community, I feel, is using vlogging as a tool for entrepreneurship.  The same basic rule applies across all vlogs: create quality content that respects your audience.

Zennie Abraham (Zennie62 on YouTube), once a Planner for the City of Oakland, began vlogging as a means to supplement his entrepreneurial efforts.  Sports Business Simulations, for example, allows students to manage sports teams through an online simulation, creating an environment that would allow a team not only to be successful, but profitable as well.   He soon discovered that vlogging itself was something that not only added value to what he was already doing, but could transport him to a host of new opportunities.

Zennie has blogged and vlogged on a wide range of subjects, ranging from sports to entertainment to politics.  He was one of the very first blogger-journalists to be allowed to report online at the 2005 NFL draft - the next year, he had a video camera in hand.

His efforts have earned him appearances on CNN, an early YouTube partnership, and a rare close-up understanding of how vlogging has evolved, where it stands today - and how it can grow in the future.

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