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Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Vlogger Interviews: Lane Fournerat

Just what is vlogging, anyway?   

Ask a random selection of vloggers why they vlog, and you’ll get five different answers.  To some, it’s an opportunity to be an entrepreneur, to another a chance to make friends, or bring people together for a cause – or simply a means of pure self-expression. 

Ask those same vloggers how they vlog, and the road map becomes even more complicated.    The art of creating online video isn’t simply creating a video and posting it.   Vlogging is also an interactive art.  The vlogger, in a very real way, creates a direct connection to his or her audience. 

"The Vlogger Interviews" is a series of vlogs and blogs exploring the definition of vlogging – from the vlogger's perspective.

Lane Fournerat  of Lafayette, Louisiana has a whole family of YouTube channels – in TV terms, LaneVid is the vlogging equivelent of a variety show; TheFunnyRats (a play on his last name) is his reality show, co-starring his wife and baby girl.  Other channels feature his other interests – drumming, mobile apps – even video game walkthroughs.

“It’s me.  That’s the best way that I can describe it.  If you like what I like, then you’ll like what you see.”

According to Lane, The job of a vlogger isn’t simply to create content, but also “to build a core group of people who will really stand behind you and really appreciate what you’re doing for them, which is entertaining them everyday.”  His core audience becomes the vlogger’s friends and supporters.  The comments on a video aren’t just about feedback – they’re about true interaction.

Lane graduated from college with a  degree in the performing arts.  His dream, like so many others before him, was to become an iconic filmmaker, “I wanted to make my “Feature Length Film” - THE film I was going to be known by.”  Like so many others before him, though – it didn’t work out that way.  He discovered something better:  YouTube.

The LaneVid Channel on YouTube

“Late 2007 rolls along, and I find this girl online, iJustine, and she created a video, the 300 page iphone bill or whatever it was, and I saw that video go from a few thousand views to the millions of views, and I said, this girl could create a video all by herself, on her computer, uploaded it to this website and attracted this media attention.  I said, “I can do that!”

Lane began to watch and learn from other YouTubers, as well, including top YouTuber Philip DeFranco, whose own definition of vlogging as “the commercialization of home video” is Lane’s favorite.

Today, by YouTube standards, Lane has a modest but growing subscription base.  Several of his channels already qualify for the YouTube partnership program, which allows his to share in YouTube advertising revenue.    If his hard work pays off, sponsorship and advertising could one day amount to a handsome income.  

Lane no longer ponders a movie career.

This is the future of content,” he says. 

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  1. This was a great article. Thank you for asking me to be a part of this series!

  2. My pleasure, Lane - thank's for being the first!