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Monday, August 8, 2011

Six Reasons Why Every Film Student Should Have a YouTube Channel

  1. The opportunity to create content for an audience - and receive direct feedback from that audience. Viewers can provide their feedback by "thumbing up" a video, leaving comments, and adding the video to their list of favorites. In addition, YouTube provides a service called "Insight" to every channel and every video, allowing the channel owner to analyze how their audiences are responding on a wide range of categories, including age, location, attention (how long people actually watch each video), and more. 
  2. The opportunity to network , learn- and collaborate - with a wide range of like-minded content creators from around the world. Artists of all types can work together with an ease never before possible 
  3. The chance to develop, early on, a track record as a filmmaker / content creator. Many YouTubers, without any training, have used their channels to generate real world content creation jobs. The channel, in effect, becomes a living, breathing, constantly changing demo reel with real-world endorsements from an engaged audience. 
  4. With commitment to a YouTube channel, the filmmaker will need to develop content on a regular basis - not only keeping the "creative juices flowing," and developing his or her craft, but developing the creative discipline critical to success. 
  5. The chance to develop the public speaking skills that are critical for any director - to be able to talk confidently to an audience with ease. Though vlogs are typically created alone, they're distributed publicly. Vloggers who host their own channels are also building extemporaneous speaking skills as well.  
  6. Building and evenutally monteizing a YouTube channel offers the chance to develop valuable real-world entrepreneurial skills that successful filmmakers need.  The possibility of becoming a YouTube partner (and sharing in advertising revenue), is only one avenue through which an individual can financially benefit from their channel. Building an audience also provides the opportunity to create independent partnerships with advertisers and engage in additional opportunities such as product placement.
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  1. Man, if there were anything like YouTube waaaaayyy back when I was a young film student... It just boggles the mind.

  2. My only concern would be content and integrity. Kids put dumb shit on the net all the time, but because it's sensational or outrageous doesn't make it good.
    Do I care of Kim Kardadhian is getting married!? No, but it passes for news and public interest. Reality TV is the ultimate proof of Warhol's Fifteen minutes of dame theory, but that doesn't make it quality or right.
    I don't think kids' egos nerd anymore stroking either. I want a bumper sticker that says, "I am a teacher. Believe me, your child is not special OR unique." I might say the same about talent and/or quality.