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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Okay, So I Didn't Post Every Day!

My intentions at the beginning of the year were to update at least one aspect of my social media landscape this year.  That didn't last too long!

What the exercise did accomplish, however, was to guide my thinking into an ever more constructive use of the tools available to me.  Part of that is time - it's been a year since I've started my dedicated social media adventure.  At the same time, my long-standing documentary project, "Bollywood Steps," is in the process of being released into the world.  A film festival next month will provide the ideal launching pad to promote the documentary.  Everything is converging.  Critical Mass, anyone?

If you've been watching my vlogs, I've spoken of my film on occasion, and I'm beginning to see the emergence of Bollywood Steps in the social media world.  It's a modest beginning, but it's what I've been hoping for all along  My press efforts for the film will also include my efforts as a vlogger.  The more I continue, the more I see a direct connection between the documentary world and the vlogging world, and I'm working on several fronts to expand my intentions to bring that concept to a wider audience.  I look forward to sharing some of those efforts shortly.

I'm also intrigued by the possibility of exploring aspects of the vlogging community in a future documentary.  More on those ideas later...

All told, I'm still fascinated with where this is all heading....I suppose you could say that while I'm not obsessed with using the tools, I kinda like what I'm building!

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