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Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Era of the Reboot


It's a word I'm hearing more and more often, as professionals of all ages are re-thinking their current and future paths in their journey through the current economic hard times.

Rebooting isn't just adjusting to the current state of affairs; it's recognizing that the status quo in one's life needs to change.  Making a living, particularly at the behest of others, simply isn't doable anymore.   While the age of lifelong employment with one particular company is long gone, along with the assurance of a pension and even social security, the thought of long term survival is only now bubbling to the surface.  Simple understanding that you're likely to hold numerous jobs during your lifetime isn't enough; taking control of that future is now a priority.

Like it or not, we are becoming an entrepreneurial society.  Our individual survival will depend in large part on our ability to create a successful "personal brand" to keep us employed or moving ahead in our chosen profession.

So, in the sprit of rebooting and "doing something different," I'm going to try a bit of cross-platform "re-booting" theme - through YouTube, this blog, my audio podcast and perhaps even the Social Media Journeys blog, I'm going to create a complimentary series of media elements exploring this issue.  It's all part of my own personal reboot!


  1. Well, I certainly prefer the term "reboot" to "reload." I haven't actually been saying either one, but I suppose I've been doing some rebooting myself, and have every few years for a while now. It's not always our own choice to have to reboot, but reboot we must. And I've now used 'reboot' more than I ever have before. I could get used to it... and may have to.

  2. I've never used the term "reload" - at any rate, a periodic reboot is probably as important as it is computer-wise, and I'm probably way overdue, judging by my system crashes!